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This problem can be overcome in several ways:
  • Lift up the header tank in the roof space and extend the vent pipe.
  • Replace the hot pipe work which may be obstructed with corrosion.
  • Valve vent your header tank supplied hot water cylinder.
  • Upgrade to a Dux mains pressure hot water cylinder.
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Low pressure hot water cylinders have a life of 15 - 35 years, after which pin holes appear around the internal copper cylinder. When this happens they are not economically repairable.

Mains pressure hot water cylinders have a life of 10 -20 years and may require replacement valves periodically.

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There are several different systems and pipes that can cause overflows.
  • Pipe dripping form the eaves either at the side of the house or the back door 24/7. This is most probably caused by a faulty ballcock in the header tank or the header tank itself is leaking.
  • Long pipe that sticks out of the roof is overflowing:

    • Could be normal thermal expansion(see above),but if it drips 24/7 you need help.
    • The pressure reducing valve needs to be serviced or replaced and a filter fitted.
    • The thermostat has failed and the hwc is boiling continuously. TURN OFF THE HWC POWER.

  • Copper pipe that discharges above the gully trap or out of the wall is overflowing 24/7.

    • This is probably one of the mains pressure safety valves overflowing or a valve vented low or medium hwc valve overflowing.
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If your waste disposal stops spinning or is making humming noises with nothing happening it could be blocked or burnt out.

We can unblock and release jammed waste disposals. If it needs to be replaced we can either remove it and install a waste reducer, which is a normal waste hole or supply and install a new InSinkErator model of your choice.

In most cases (unless you have ceramic disc taps) you can simply replace the washer once the water has been turned off. When we are called to replace tap washers we always check to see if the tap seat needs to be re surfaced, this job is done free of charge.

With ceramic disc tapware we need to determine the brand and model and either source a replacement part or replace the tap. It is advisable to always fit filters to protect the ceramic tapware before it is fitted.

If this cannot be done you can often buy "standard" washer taps in the same design.

Most blocked drains are caused by broken or cracked drains/joins allowing tree roots to enter and obstruct the normal flow. The symptoms are either: a slow to drain toilet, blocked toilet and /or overflowing gully traps.

Sometimes if just one gully trap is blocked it is only the grate that is obstructed and just needs to be cleaned out and hosed down. If sewerage is overflowing when the taps are used or the toilets flushed, you definitely have a blocked sewer.

We can unblock most blocked sewers with our Cobra Drainage Machine which cuts out the offending roots or blockage. If the problem persists we will call in our drainlayers to inspect the pipeline with a camera and remedy the fault.

Blocked waste pipes can be unblocked with either a plunger or our special Ropump unblocker which can excert more pressure than a standard plunger. Remember to block off all other outlets so that more compression can be achieved.

  • First check to see if your gully traps are overflowing, if they are you have a blocked sewer, CALL US.
  • Try to unblock first with a plunger (remember: take phone out of top pocket and keep your mouth closed) or by filling the bowl carefully up to the rim with water to put more "weight" on the blockage. If no luck call us as every serviceman carries in his van a Ropump toilet unblocker which is affective in most cases. Sometimes the toilet has to be lifted and the obstruction manually removed i.e. toilet ducks and children's toys. Or because we need to use the Cobra Drainage Machine.

In most cases the cold water meter box is on the street side of your fence and generally in line with your hose tap (they are sometimes on the inside of you fence line). There also might be a white painted arrow or line on the curbing (you need to stand on the road to see it) to indicate it's position. Even we struggle to find the meter boxes and have to ring the C.C.C to get a measurement off the nearest boundary.

Don't shut off the large valve under a round yellow flip up lid as this valve is probably the street main!

The tap is either under a round cast lid that is removed by turning slightly (old type),a yellow rectangular lid or a black plastic lid that pops off with a screw driver.

Most valves have handles but you may need a crescent. To turn off turn clockwise until the taps stop running (don't over tighten) and turn on a hose tap as this is the lowest fitting on the house.

Be aware that you could be sharing your water supply with other units/flat and that you could inadvertently be shutting off their water also. In most cases there is another shut off beside the house or at the back door.

It could be one of the following:
  • We can test for most faults and recommend our electrician if needed.
  • There may be a fault with the heating element, thermostat, tempering valve (if fitted), overflow problem, blown fuse or electrical problem.
  • The power supply: You could be having a problem with the power supply to your hot water cylinder. Your power company controls the electricity to your hot water cylinder. This is called "ripple control" in some cases there is a fault that your power supply company has to remedy.

Most of the homes with poor shower pressure have a header tank supply in the roof space or they have the shower upstairs supplied with a pressure reducing valve.

There as several methods of increasing the hot pressure in the shower.
  • Install a pressure reducing valve and increase the hot pressure through the house.
  • Change the shower mixer to a Methven Futura or Celeste where the hot water is increased by way of a venturi within the shower mixer.
  • Change or clean out the shower head or mixer.
  • Upgrade the hot water cylinder to a Dux Mains Pressure Cylinder.
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Either you need new washers or a new ballcock. If the cistern is a copper type with wooden surround it probably needs to be replaced.