Why be different?
The traditional New Zealand hot water cylinder has been situated in a hot water cupboard, inside the house. Most of us have forgotten why we have it there, but have continued the tradition despite technology taking a huge step forward. With an electric hot water cylinder from Dux, you will find many positive differences compared to a traditional cylinder. More hot water, better economy, superior technology - Dux delivers, without costing you more.

What the Dux difference does for you
Switch on and take it easy. Electric water heating is the economical way to enjoy piping hot water at every corner of the house. As well as standard single element units, twin element models are available so you can heat water 24 hours a day, meaning you can connect at on or off-peak - or both - providing rapid heat-up and make big energy savings in the process. Gas models also available.
More Hot Water
A Dux cylinder delivers more hot water for its capacity than traditional ones. 'Positive doming' construction means nearly all the water in the cylinder is heated - so a 160 litre cylinder means 160 litres of hot water. Add full mains pressure, and you're getting luxurious hot water from every drop.
Longer Life
Positive doming means all welds are constructed prior to glazing, eliminating cavities where corrosion can occur and giving you a considerably stronger and longer-lasting unit. All Dux heaters are backed by a 5 year warranty with some sizes having a 10 year warranty option.
Space Saving
A Dux hot water cylinder can be located outside, giving you back the valuable space swallowed up by a traditional cylinder. You can increase the size of a room, or reclaim valuable storage space.
Environmentally Friendly
With it's superior insulation, a Dux hot water cylinder makes more efficient use of the heat it generates. Hardwearing, durable construction means it will last for years without needing to be replaced and it features completely silent operation, to enhance your living environment.
Easy Access
When it's mounted outside, a Dux hot water cylinder offers complete ease of access, so your plumber won't need to be crawling into the back of a cupboard. They can service the cylinder without needing to enter your house, with a handy panel giving access to essential components.
Dual Connections
A Dux hot water cylinder features dual water connections, which allow you to connect both hot and cold water from either side. This makes it much more simple when choosing a location for installation, and easier to position the cylinder for ready access.
Value for Money
When you purchase a Dux, you are buying a low-maintenance, durable hot water cylinder which will deliver energy efficient and cost-effective hot water to your home for years and years.

Choosing the Dux difference
  • High impact UV resistant polymer top and Colorband casing means Dux cylinders can be installed indoors or outdoors.

  • Dual handed outlets with draw off tubes take hot water from the very top of the tank.

  • Duronamel on thicker steel and superior welding techniques ensure stronger tank and longer life. 10 year warranty units have two coats of enamel.

  • Sacrificial anode for corrosion protection (10 year warranty units have two anodes).

  • Curved bolt-in element follows the contours of the tank and heats the water from the very bottom to the very top.

  • Dual handed cold water inlets have a unique diffuser tube which delivers incoming water to the very bottom of the tank.

  • Unique positive (concave) bottom dome, unlike traditional (convex) domes, allows enamel glazing after all welding during manufacture and prevents the build up of corrosive agents in the bottom of the tank.

  • Plastic bottom allows outdoor installation directly onto a concrete slab without concerns over corrosion.
The Myth of the hot water cupboard
Under new hot water cylinder energy standards, the old-fashioned hot water cupboard is a thing of the past, and you should be getting your hot water cylinder out of the house.

It no longer makes sense to closet cylinders in a cupboard when, under new energy saving regulations which come into force on 1 February 2003, most commonly sized cylinders will give off about 66 watts of heat - less heat than you'd get from having a light bulb in your hot water cupboard.

There's a clear argument for moving cylinders outside, and Dux cylinders are suited to this. Also, when you're building a new home, an indoor cylinder is taking up as much as $1000 of floor space which could be better utilised.

The constraints of the hot water cupboard are also bypassed with Dux. The size of cylinder you want is not dependent on space, only on your budget. For just a little bit more, you can opt for a 250-litre cylinder instead of the popular 160-litre capacity. Larger cylinders are more cost and energy efficient, and - most importantly - mean you'll never get caught out with a cold shower.

If space is not an issue and you want to put the cylinder indoors, you can still enjoy the Dux Difference. With shorter units for the same hot water delivery as other brands and side outlets, there is more space to put shelving above a Dux.

But don't expect a Dux (or any other cylinder) to provide you with a "hot water cupboard" - since February 2003 that's just a myth.

Which Dux Electric Water Heater is right for you
Continous Tariff Off-Peak Delivery
25 litre
50 litre
80 litre
125 litre
160 litre
250 litre
315 litre
400 litre
Add an extra adult for each dishwasher, spa and automatic washing machine adult child
5 Year Warranty* - Single Element 25P1* 50P1* 80F1 125F1 160F1 250F1 315F1 400F1
5 Year Warranty* - Twin Element - - - 125F2 160F2 250F2 315F2 400F2
10 Year Warranty** - Single Element - - - - - 250T1 315T1 400T1
10 Year Warranty** - Twin Element - - - - - 250T2 315T2 400T2
Storage capacity (litres) 30 55 83 128 164 259 324 416
Hot water delivery rating (litres) 25 50 80 125 160 250 315 400
Twin element boost capacity (litres) - - - 45 45 40 40 70
Net weight empty (kg) 17 25 43 48 59 88 103 114
Relief valve pressure (kpa) 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400 1000 1000 1000
*5 year warranty models feature 1 year parts and labour plus additional 4 year tank warranty
**10 year warranty models feature 1 year parts and labour plus additional 9 year tank warranty
All heaters operate on 240 volts AC single phase electricity supply
P1 models fitted with plug and lead
Nominal dimensions (mm)
A Overall height 418 673 1007 1062 1317 1444 1754 1703
B Overall diameter 405 405 459 532 532 617 617 705
Cold water inlet 132 132 170 206 206 215 215 240
Hot water outlet 255 510 836 857 1112 1231 1541 1466
Electrical entry 75 75 80 116 116 125 125 150

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